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Perk Up Your Event with Ace of Cups Coffee Cart

At Ace of Cups Coffee, we believe that no event is complete without a good cup of coffee. That's why we provide a mobile coffee cart service that brings our signature espresso drinks made with locally-roasted beans to events of all sizes. We're committed to creating a unique and memorable coffee experience for all of our customers.

What we offer


Barista and

Espresso Service

Our cart comes with two baristas prepared to make any espresso drink your heart could possibly desire.


Indoor or
Outdoor Service

Our cart can go anywhere as long as our drop cables can reach an outlet. For more specs check out the FAQ.


Iced Coffee

and Cold Brew 

Tryin' to keep it cool? We'll gladly add our iced coffee/cold brew upon request for an extra fee.


Custom Branding
for Cups & Cart

Throw us some extra moolah and make the cart your own. (We'll put your logo on our cups and cart).


Hand Roasted
Organic Drip Coffee

Want some good old fashioned coffee the way grandpa makes it? We offer drip coffee upon request.


Fresh Pastries from
Local Bakeries

If you're feelin' hungry just let us know and we'll provide fresh pastries from bakeries around the Atlanta area.


Non-Coffee Menu 

(Tea, Hot Cocoa, Etc.)

We know coffee isn't everybody's thing, so we come equipped with hot cocoa, teas, and sodas.


Flavored Syrups & Milk Options (Oat, Almond)

We offer whole milk, oat milk, chai, matcha, simple syrup, vanilla, sugar-free vanilla, mocha, white chocolate, and caramel. Other milks/flavors available upon request.


Specialty Equipment

We're a small business, but we don't skimp when it comes to quality. We use commercial products from trusted companies so you can be sure whatever you order from our cart will taste just as good as when you get it from your favorite coffee shop.

Quality & care are the foundation of our business

We bring the beans
you bring the party


Corporate Events

Wether you're hosting a big expo, trying to keep your crew awake on set, or just wanna treat your employees with a "Latte Friday," we're here to brew ya something good.


Weddings & Parties

Looking for some coffee to go with that cake? Keep the party goin' all night long with a different kind of buzz by booking our cart for your big day.


Markets & Popups

Catch us vending at different locations all around Atlanta! Make sure to follow our instagram for updates.

I booked this coffee cart for my company holiday party and it was a huge hit. Maddie and Jose were amazing and I can’t wait for our next event.

Monica M. 

Atlanta, Georgia

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